I'm rereading Transformation: How Glocal Churches Transform Lives and the World today by Bob Roberts, Jr. What a great book! I encourage you to pick it up and give a read. Here are a number of challenging and paradigm-shiftings quotes from the first few chapters...
“When people say the name of your church and the church you attend or in which you serve, what do they think?” (p.24)

“Being centered on Christ isn’t just part of our statement of faith, but a recognized practice of that fact to which the world and community of nonbelievers can attest.” (p.25)

“Someone is ‘called of God’ not because of the way the person lives but because of the way the person speaks!… In the Western church, few are remarking about our current leadership style, ‘If only I could know Jesus as he or she does.’ Neither have I heard… the performers say like Paul, ‘Imitate me.’ We talk about the qualifications for ministry in terms of education, ordination, rules and regulations. However, isn’t the main qualification for ministry the ability for a person to say, ‘Imitate me’?” (p.26-27)

Do you realize Gandhi spent an average of two hours per day meditating on the Gospels? By his own admission, Jesus’s teachings in the Sermon on the Mount became the basis for a large portion of everything he did… Something is tragically amiss when a man without Christ can change a nation and Christians who possess the Holy Spirit can’t.” (p.33)

If the church in a local community were gone, who besides its adherents would miss it?” (p. 36)

“The kingdom means that we are committed to being salt and light whether the people we serve all become Christians or not. Today’s notion of ‘us against them’ Christianity would be foreign to the early church.” (p.36)