Kony 2012. Good or Bad?

It seemed so simple.

A ruthless child abductor on the run and a grassroots campaign to ensure his capture.

212115232_424230464_1When Invisible Children unveiled their newest campaign, Kony 2012, the world took notice.  The Kony 2012 video, at the center of the campaign quickly, went viral, hitting 100 million views in only six days.

Celebrities and world leaders tweeted about it. You probably had multiple friends post on Facebook and Twitter about it. But just as quickly as the campaign went viral, a backlash of controversy started. People said that Invisible Children (IC) was going about their efforts to bring Kony to justice all wrong, that IC's methodology was flawed, that IC was being naive. Quickly, a rift opened between people supporting IC and people opposed to Kony 2012. So ... who's right?

Author Rachel Held Evans and Relevant Magazine chimed in recently to try to unpack the controversy surrounding Kony 2012, to figure out a way through all of the rhetoric.  She carefully weighs the pros and cons of IC's campaign, and reminds all of us—regardless of our opinion—to maintain Christian humility and charity.

Is Kony 2012 Good or Bad? by Rachel Held Evans