The Way of the King – 12 Weeks in Mark’s Gospel (Study Helps)

The Way of the King - Grace Church of Dunedin

Last Sunday, March 3rd, Grace Church began a new Sunday morning series on the Gospel of Mark entitled, “The Way of the King.”

Mark was written for a broad audience and had many helpful explanations to Jewish customs.  Also, Mark gives a very lively and vigorous account of Christ’s life.  The fast-paced nature of the book is felt be the frequent use of the word euthus (εὐθύσ), which means immediately or straightaway (e.g., Mark 1:18, 20, 21, & 23).   It’s a great book to introduce the Gospel to non-Christians or new Christians.

We’re encouraging everyone at Grace Church to be reading through the book, as many times as they can, during our 12 week series. 

Study helps to better understand the Gospel of Mark:
We are blessed to have some many wonderful teachers and scholars to help us better understand and apply the Word of God.  I hope you take advantage of that blessing by reading and listening to as many helpful resources as possible.

Hey Grace Church, during our time in Mark’s Gospel, I hope you dig deeper into the story of Christ.  Here are a few helpful resources to help you study Mark: