Using the Gospel of Mark for Discipleship

Hey Grace Church, as we begin our new series in Mark’s Gospel, The Way of the King, I hope you are you blessed through our times of study during the Sunday morning Gatherings and through our times of discussion during our weekly Community Groups

We talk a lot about DISCIPLESHIP and how all Christians are not only called to be a disciple (i.e., to follow Christ), but also how disciples of Christ are disciples (i.e., followers of Jesus) who disciple others (i.e., help others follow Jesus). 

Sometimes we overcomplicate things.  Discipleship isn’t as hard we make it out to be.  Ultimately, discipleship simply requires that we be willing to give of ourselves – to give ourselves away to someone else, to invest our time and thoughts into someone else.  Hopefully, our study in the Gospel of Mark can assist in our pursuit to be a disciple who disciples others.  I would like to present a simple way to disciple someone else – inspired by Justin Buzzard’s recent blog.

Basically, one of the most simply ways to disciple someone is  through weekly Bible reading meetings.  Here’s how:

Schedule some time to meet – once a week is preferred.  Don’t make this harder or longer than it needs to be.  The last thing we need is “one more thing” in our already busy schedules.  Try to schedule these weekly meetings early in the morning, before work, or on a night when you all are already out.  These meetings don’t need to be long either – 30min to an hour is more than fine.

Each week, read an assigned passage.  Ask them to read it ahead of time too.  I suggest you take them through Mark’s Gospel.  It’s a perfect read for new believers as they are introduced to the life and ministry of the Messiah, Jesus Christ.  Mark was written for a broad audience and had many helpful explanations to Jewish customs.  Also, Mark gives a very lively and vigorous account of Christ’s life.  The fast-paced nature of the book is felt be the frequent use of the word euthus (εὐθύσ), which means immediately or straightaway (e.g., Mark 1:18, 20, 21, & 23).  It’s a great book to introduce the Gospel to non-Christians or new Christians.

Each week, ask two questions about the text: 1) What did this text mean in its original first-century context? 2) What does this text mean for our lives today? As you work through those questions, do your best to connect everyone’s thoughts to Jesus and the bigger storyline of Scripture.  For help, may I recommend that you personally read the notes of The ESV Study Bible and NT Wright’s Mark for Everyone.

With about 30 minutes of Bible reading and these two questions, you can end up covering a ton of theological and practical ground. Let the conversation and relationship guide where the discussion goes. Pray for God's help before, during, and after. HE will help you every step of the way!

Most believers have never been intentionally discipled and most believers have no clue how to go about discipling a new believer. The problem is that people don’t have a good understanding of what discipleship is. Here’s a definition: discipleship is truth transferred through relationship. And by following the above steps, it can happen!

It’s that simple - transferring truth through relationship.   What are you waiting for?  Know someone who recently came to Christ or just needs some help understanding the basic message of Christianity? Call them up and ask if they want to get together to talk about the Bible sometime.