The King Jesus Gospel – Scott McKnight on White Horse Inn

What is the gospel? Throughout the history of American Evangelicalism, many have tried to reduce it to a simple slogan, or something like “four spiritual laws.” But in reducing the gospel of Christ to a sales pitch, have Evangelicals altered the message? Does the good news that we proclaim have more to do with getting people to make a decision, more than it focuses on Christ’s person and work?

On a recent White Horse Inn episode, Michael Horton discusses these issues with Scot McKnight, author of The King Jesus Gospel.

Scott McKnight is one of my favorite dudes.  He has encouraged me and has helped to clarify the definition and application of the Gospel of Jesus Christ again and again.  Please read The King Jesus Gospel; it will help bring immense clarity!

Listen to the interview between Scott and Mike HERE.


Here’s a video intro. to Scott McKnight's new book:

Also, be sure to check out the following lecture giving by McKnight at a recent QIdeas – Did Jesus Preach the Gospel?