Great (Practical) Advice for Ministry Leaders from Mark Driscoll

From Mark Driscoll and The Resurgence:

Dear ministry leader,

There are different seasons of growth throughout the year for a church, and most of us will eventually hit the wall sometime. You will feel in over your head, grumpy or despairing, tempted or tired. The long, cold, dark days to come don’t help at all for those of us in places like the great Darkwest where I live. Having done this job for fifteen years since our core group phase, I see it every year. Don’t be discouraged and don’t be dissuaded.

Get your sleep. If you don’t, you will get sick and it only gets worse.

Watch your diet. You will be tempted to self-medicate with junk food, caffeine, and energy drinks. Don’t.

Watch your alcohol, if you drink at all. Since it is a depressant, increasing your alcohol intake when you are slouching toward depression and exhaustion is a big mistake.

Watch your temptation. The more fatigued you get, the more easily tempted you become. Take more precautionary measures during this season of the year to safeguard your holiness.

Watch your anger. Whereas women internalize their depression and manifest it with emotion, men externalize their depression as anger and manifest it with explosion.

Get some exercise. It helps you work out your frustration, aids sleep, and is good for your health.

You really need your day off, especially during trying seasons. Guard it. If you don’t take a voluntary Sabbath you will take an involuntary one for counseling and/or hospitalization.

Keep going by the grace of God,
Pastor Mark