Theology on Tap: On Tap this Week (06.08.11) – “Hell – An Allusive Reality”

“The doctrine of no punishment for any man is popular at this day,
and threatens to have even greater sway in the future."
~ C.H. Spurgeon

hellHow should Christians respond to the current discussions/controversies about Hell and divine punishment?  One of the reasons why the doctrine is so difficult to understand is because we want to understand everything exhaustively; but we must admit the Bible’s ambiguity on the details concerning Hell.  The Dictionary of Jesus and the Gospels (IVP) puts it like this, ”References to hell in the Gospels draw on a rich and varied background, the historical development of which is complicated and elusive…[and] the Gospel presentation is neither uniform nor tidy. Rather, the reader is left with more general notions of the concept.”

We’ll be spending a few weeks at Theology on Tap discussion the doctrine of Hell.  Join the discussion!

Read Thoughts on Divine Judgment and The Tendency to Say To Hell With Hell.

Here’s our discussion question for tonight:
What do you think…Is Hell a literal place of eternal torment?

#2  Does Hell and Heaven begin in the here and now?  If so, to what extant or how?


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