Resources To Help Us Wrestle with “When” God Created The Cosmos

This Wednesday night I’m sharing on “The God Who Creates” in our Wednesday night series on the attributes of God entitled, “The God Who Is.”   (Here’s tonight handout sheet in case you missed it -The God Who Creates: Why, How, and When God Created the Universe?

Here are some resources (that I will later promise are on my blog) to help you better understand some of the latest musings and teachings regarding creation, science, age of the earth, life origin, and other cosmological considerations…   The God Who Is - Grace Christian Fellowship on Largo, Florida

BioLogos is a great ministry and online resource for those questioning how the Christian Faith and Science work together.  They provide many articles and video interviews that help us wrestle through the when’s and how’s of Creation and honestly engage the finding within the scientific community.  Here’s a couple a very helpful articles worth our consideration:

Also, one cannot leave out Dr. Hugh Ross and the team from Reason to Believe!  Some important articles from Dr. Hugh Ross and Reason to Believe worth our consideration:

Plus, be sure to check out Reason to Believe's podcast and audio page.  Great stuff!

Also, the Veritas Forum has always proven helpful as “they explore true life” and publicly grapple with the cosmological, philopshical, sociological, and theological arenas.