Rethinking the Kingdom of God …and “Our” Lives

Blurbs from Rethinking the Kingdom of God by Bob Heppe:

“The church of Jesus Christ has one dominant task: the expansion of the kingdom of God through the proclamation of a holistic word and deed gospel…We have lost sight of and we have failed to preach, teach, and live the gospel of the Kingdom. The theme of the Kingdom of God, which was central to Jesus’ teaching, is a necessary corrective to the self-centered manipulation of the gospel in our times. In the Gospels, the good news is that THE MESSIAH HAS ARRIVED, THE KINGDOM IS HERE….”

“…The Gospel of the Kingdom, which Christ preached and demonstrated, is much broader than our petty concerns for personal survival, fulfillment, security, significance, or even sanctification. It does not present us with a meek and mild Jesus who would not dare disturb or disrupt our pursuit of comfort and security, but One come to set the world on fire!”

“…Jesus doesn’t save us and make us Christians; He saves us and makes us missionaries [for his kingdom purposes]!