Avoiding the Tendency to Say "To Hell with Hell"

Keller on The Importance of Hell

For me, Hell has always been a tough (if not the toughest!) Christian assertion; more so than predestination and free will, more so than the doctrine of the trinity, more so than God’s eternal existence, hell has been a Christian doctrine that I have been forced to grapple with again and again. And it’s not just me. I’ve never met a rational or even-keeled individual who actually likes talking about it. Let’s face it, eternal damnation and punishment - whatever it may be - is not a pleasant thought. And the idea seems so far-fetched to many people that it has become their reason for rejecting Christianity with the classic objection of "how can a loving God send people to Hell?" And for many Christians, the doctrine of hell is either something we steer clear of, because of embarrassment or discomfort, or distort it by lessoning the validity or extent of the doctrine.

Recently Tim Keller (pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in NYC) wrote a great article in which he gives 4 reasons/points for the importance of hell. (And he’s discussing the biblical idea of hell, not some namby-pamby version of hell!) You can read the article here – Keller on The Importance of Hell. It’s short and to the point (very NYCish!). Give it a read!