Who and What I’m Listening To….

There are certain questions I’m asked on a regular basis; one of them is “Can you give me some podcast recommendations?” or “What preachers and/or ministries do you listen to and recommend?”  We live at a great time for Christian learning because of the wide array of teachers and ministries on line.  I say take advantage of it and tap into some incredible teachings – and most of the sites provide the teaching for FREE! 

Listen to some sermons while you commute to work; listen to some teaching while you exercise; listen to some while you work in the yard; etc…   Use your time wisely and learn some wonderful truth!  We need to be challenged to live correctly and how can we live correctly without thinking correctly?

So here’s the ministry/teaching podcasts I listen to every week (yes, I actually listen to these dudes every week!):headphones (2)

Here’s some other ministries and teachers I frequently listen to: