Derek Webb has gone too far...and I like it!

Derek Webb's highly anticipated new album Stockholm Syndrome is finally here! So far, this album sounds very different from the others. I dig it. Stockholm Syndrome has had it's fair share of problems...especially with the controversial song, "What Matters More."

Because of controversy with Derek's record label, there will be two versions of the album released (a 'clean' and an 'explicit' version), hitting physical and digital shelves on September 1st, 2009. But, directly from
Derek Webb's web site, there is a way to get the music right now in its entirety and original sequence, including the controversial song "What Matters More." It's good stuff...I'm listening to it as I type!

Choose from SIX different pre-order options, including 'digital-only' packages with lots of digital extras, 3 different quality resolutions (including HD) of 'Paradise Is A Parking Lot' (the hour-long documentary film about Stockholm Syndrome), full multi-track stems of the entire album (in WAV format) for remixing, limited edition Stockholm Syndrome t-shirts and much more.

Here's a sample of the video and new Webb tunes: