Wright's Justification

NT Wright's new book on Justification...

I've been hoping Wright would come out with a response to his critics regarding his position on the doctrine of justification and that wish has finally been answered. Justification: God's Plan & Paul's Vision is now available.

From IVP:

In Justification, Wright provides a sweeping overview of the central points in the debate before launching into a thorough explanation of the key texts in Paul's writings. While fully cognizant of tradition and controversy, the final authority for his conclusions is the letters of Paul themselves. Along the way Wright responds to critics, such as John Piper, who have challenged what has come to be called the New Perspective.

In the interview below, N. T. Wright discusses his book, Justification: God's Plan & Paul's Vision, in which he offers a comprehensive account and defense of his perspective on this crucial doctrine. It's a good intro to the book's main themes and premise. (Try to ignore the techno Chariot's of Fire soundtrack in the background...it's really weird, I have no idea what they were thinking!)