Faith & Globalization

Yale's Faith and Globalization Initiative

Here's a good and extremely interesting resource put out by Yale Divinity School: Yale Center for Faith & Culture - Faith & Globalization. Yale Center for Faith & Cultures’s director, Professor Miroslav Volf, and Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair are conducting Yale’s new Faith and Globalization seminar. Professor Volf, Tony Blair, and others investigate how faith can be "lived responsibly in our globalized world and how it can contribute to the humanization of the globalization processes."

Introduction to Yale's Faith and Globalization Initiative:
The impact of religious faith is profound in a world where political, economic, and social spheres are increasingly interconnected. Intentional and sustained reflection on the crucial issues of faith and globalization can lead to the kind of reconciliation and peaceful coexistence that life in the 21st century demands.

As a way of considering these essential questions, Yale, in collaboration with the Tony Blair Faith Foundation, has launched the Faith and Globalization Initiative. This three-year effort will explore a variety of topics and issues -in the classroom, in formal lectures and informal conversation, and through research, speeches, conferences, and the internet.

Initial Topics: