NT Wright and The Work of the Spirit

Here's a blurb from Wright's Simply Christian worth quoting and pondering:

The Work of the Spirit and the Task of the Church:
"The Holy Spirit and the task of the church. The two walk together, hand in hand. We can't talk about them apart.  God doesn't give people the Holy Spirit in order to let them enjoy the spiritual equivalent of a day at Disneyland. Of course, if you're downcast and gloomy, the fresh
wind of God's Spirit can and often does give you a new perspectiveand above all grants a sense of God's presence, love, comfort, and even joy. But the point of the Spirit is to enable those who follow Jesus to take into all the world the news that he is Lord, that he has won the victory over the forces of evil, that a new world has opened up, and that we are to help make it happen.

Wright continues: "...the task of the church can't be attempted without the Spirit. I have sometimes heard Christian people talk as though God, having done what he's done in Jesus, now wants us to do our part by getting on with things under our own steam. But that is a tragic misunderstanding. It leads to arrogance, burnout, or both. Without God's Spirit, there is nothing we can do that will count for God's kingdom. Without God's Spirit, the church simply can't be the church." (Simply Christian, pg. 122-123)

Empowered to Carry On the Ministry of Christ:
"The Spirit is given so that ordinary mortals can become, in a measure, what Jesus himslef was: part of God's future arriving in the present; a place where heaven and eart meet; the means of God's kingdom going ahead." (Simply Christian, pg. 124)