What is Gospel Driven Justice?

Tim Keller on Doing Justice

At the 2006 Reform & Resurge Conference, Tim Keller spoke on Preaching the Gospel, Being the Church in our Culture, and Doing Justice.  All three talks have served me immensely, both personally and ministerially.  I wanted to share the talk on Doing Justice.  It is a superb explanation on the proper balance needed for effective Gospel ministry.

Here's the intro to the video segment provided by The Resurgence:
In session 8 with our keynote speaker Dr. Tim Keller, senior pastor at Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York, New York and founder of Redeemer Church Planting Center, preaches on, "Doing Justice" his last session of three from the Reform & Resurge Conference May 2006. The video that you are about to watch from Dr. Keller will challenge your view of the comprehensive work of the gospel. Four questions are fleshed out in this session. First, what is justice according to the Bible? Second, what is doing justice according to the Bible? Thirdly, who should be doing justice? Lastly, how can you be one of the people that does justice? These questions and a walk through the book of Proverbs will develop a biblically faithful approach to justice. The Biblical view of justice is counter to that of what we see in Western society. This video from Dr. Tim Keller will stretch and hopefully encourage you to do justice not out of guilt but out of joy. Through faithfulness in doing justice the culture will begin to notice and hear the gospel that you preach.