On the Web and In My Head - 4.12.09

Here's a surperb article by Tim Keller & Charles Garland.

Twitter: What's It Doing To Us?
Is Twitter numbing and isolating us, or is it bringing us closer?

Re: Which Gospel by Greg Gilbert from 9Marks:
The Gospel discussion continues...still very interesting dialogue, though I differ slightly from Greg's stance.

Emerging Church Pannel Discussion with Scot McKnight, Brett and Alex Harris, Kevin DeYoung, and Tony Jones
We hear much about the emerging church. But pinning down its beliefs and goals can be challenging indeed. What is the movement emerging from and where could it be headed? How influential is the emerging church? Participants, observers, and critics examine this movement from all angles - biblical, theological, pastoral, and missional.

Desiring God Ministries shares what they are reading right now.  Great list of books!

Interview with Ligon Duncan (Justin Taylor):
Here's the first part of a new interview with Ligon--talking about what the New Calvinists can learn from the Old Calvinists.