On The Web and In My Head - 04.07.09

Steve Camp and Mark Driscoll - Gospel Reconciliation:
In light of the recent on slot of Driscoll critics, it was nice to see one of his critics, Steve Camp, switch gears. The church should be known for our love for one another, not our bickering and back-biting. It's wonderful to see two very different and well gifted brothers in the Lord recognize their diversity and, because of Christ, be OK with it! Also see, Thank You Steve Camp.

College Students and the Local Church
with 9Marks:
Aaron Messner discusses the unique challenges and opportunities churches face in reaching college students.
Tim Keller looks at the strategic way to affect cultural change and influence: getting "upstream" in culture where culture is being made so that the transformation can trickle down to the rest of the stream of culture. The presence of Christianity in urban centers will greatly impact the culture of urban, suburban and rural people.

Which Gospel?
by Greg Gilbert & 9Marks:
Greg Gilbert continues his series of posts on finding agreement and clarity as to what the Gospel actually is. Though I truly appreciate Greg's pursuit of clarity, I still think he misunderstands Wright, and now, McKnight.

We all knew this would happen! No surprises here.

One of my favorite things Time Magazine does.

Interesting article about the life and ministry of Jerry Falwell.

Weird, but interesting nonetheless.