On the Web and In My Head - 3.31.09

Things I'm finding interesting this week...

Pondering John Armstrong's recent articles: 
A great article on re-examining the missional implications of the world-wide love of God.

Some thoughts on CS Lewis's Mere Christianity, view on Christian unity, and on the doctrine of Hell.

Bourne 4: 
That's right, the fourth installment of the Jason Bourne movies! The film is set to release some time 2010. Here's a couple links about the recent news: Matt Damon Signs For Bourne 4 and 'Ultimatum' Scribe Returns for 'Bourne 4'.  I'm excited!  I hope they don't ruin a good thing.

David Powlison on Time Management:
Biblical counselor and author, David Powlison,  sometimes chooses to “waste” time as a way of increasing productivity! David explains why - Meet David Powlison (3) by CJ Mahaney.

Religulous gets Expelled?
A comparative look at last year's documentaries Religulous and Expelled by Cimemagogue.

Phil Johnson's Accusations Against Mark Driscoll:
Phil Johson, Pyromaniacs blogger and John MacArthur's right hand man, recently challenged the ministry and preaching tactics of Mark Driscoll (and other effective ministries such as XXX Church) at the recent Shepherd's Conference in a sermon entitled, “The Pornification of the Pulpit.” (You can listen to the audio here.)  Basically, Mr. Johnson accused Driscoll of being carnal and immature due to his
 choice of words and some of his personal interests.  Many Driscoll supporters have questioned Phil Johnson's and John MacArthur's wisdom in publicly addressing such an effective and theologically conservative Bible teacher as Driscoll.  Phil Johnson posted Dirty Preaching on his blog in response to the aftermath of Driscoll supporters in which he defends his comments and concerns regarding Driscoll.  Late last year MacArthur was openly critical of Driscoll. Quoting from Pulpit Magazine December 11, 2006, he says:
"Worldly preachers seem to go out of their way to put their carnal expertise on display-even in their sermons. In the name of connecting with "the culture" they want their people to know they have seen all the latest programs on MTV; familiarized themselves with all the key themes of "South Park"; learned the lyrics to countless tracks of gangsta rap and heavy metal music; and watched who-knows-how-many R-rated movies. They seem to know every fad top to bottom, back to front, and inside out. They've adopted both the style and the language of the world-including lavish use of language that used to be deemed inappropriate in polite society, much less in the pulpit. They want to fit right in with the world, and they seem to be making themselves quite comfortable there. Mark Driscoll is one of the best-known representatives of that kind of thinking. He is a very effective communicator-a bright, witty, clever, funny, insightful, crude, profane, deliberately shocking, in-your-face kind of guy. His soteriology is exactly right, but that only makes his infatuation with the vulgar aspects of contemporary society more disturbing." 
At the 2008 Desiring God Conference, Mark Driscoll, preached a message entitled “How Sharp the Edge? Christ, Controversy, and Cutting Words” in which he defends from Scripture the use of strong and sometimes course language in the pulpit though he admits that he’s personally sometimes crossed the line.  Honestly, I think all these remarks, particularly the ones from Johnson and MacArthur about Driscoll, display the blindness of the Christian fundamentalists.  Mark Driscoll has been continually faithful to the preaching of the Gospel and because of that, God has given him a tremendous platform to preach from.  Nightline's recent debate about the Devil and the existence of evil and Interview with DL Hughley on CNN are great examples.  Sure Driscoll is different than Johnson and MacArthur, but isn't that OK?  Christians different from one another in our giftings for the sake of Gospel advancement.  Isn't it OK to be diverse in our personalities and interests?  

Here's some other bloggers commenting on the happenings...