Nightline does Driscoll

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Nightline Interview with Driscoll

ABC News (Nightline) interviewsed Pastor Mark Driscoll and it aired the other night. It's a pretty good interview (a little cheesy at times!).

Here's a blurb from ABC News about the interview:
At first glance, Mark Driscoll seems like a typical Seattle, Wash., "hipster" dad, from the biker boots to the shades to his calling his 3-year-old "dude."

Evangelical preacher Mark Driscoll talks sex and Jesus. But nothing about Mark Driscoll is typical -- and neither is the church he presides over. Driscoll, 38, is the pastor and figurehead of Seattle's
Mars Hill Church. The church, founded by Driscoll in 1996, is now nearly 8,000 strong and among the fastest-growing in America. Most of his parishioners call him "Pastor Mark" but, Driscoll said, "You can call me Pastor Dude if you want."

Whatever you call him, Driscoll is the "indy rock star" of the evangelicals. His flock is a colorful bunch in their Sunday best: torn jeans, tattoos and 20-something avant-garde fashion statements. They're not just there for the dress code; they come to hear sermons with an edge.
Here's the link to see the interview: