ESV Study Bible - The iPhone of Study Bibles (Revisted!!!)

Wow, I cannot say enough about this study Bible....Do yourself a favor, PICK ONE UP and READ!!! I wish everyone I knew had one....

Crossway's ESV Study Bible

Crossway's new ESV Study Bible, which was released in October, appears to be one of the, if not the, most impressive study Bible to date. With excellent commentary notes, book introductions, theological articles, full color maps & diagrams, and extensive additional study helps, the ESV Study Bible is, as I heard Mark Driscoll refer to it, the iPhone of study Bibles! If you're looking to better understand the meaning and application of biblical text, the ESV Study Bible (as well as The Spirit of the Reformation Study Bible) is a great resource to have!

Now, I have to say, the ESV Study Bible is huge! It is most likely not the Bible you will want to be bringing with you when you're out and about. It's purpose is to be more of a resource Bible - something to use in your personal time of study. Check some of the features:

  • 2 million words of Bible text and insightful teaching in 2,752 pages.

  • 20,000 notes—focusing especially on understanding the Bible text and providing answers to frequently raised issues.

  • Over 50 articles—including articles on the Bible’s authority and reliability; on biblical archaeology, theology, ethics, and personal application.

  • 200-plus charts—offering key insights and in-depth analysis in clear, concise outline form; located throughout the Bible.

  • Over 200 full-color maps—created with the latest digital technology, satellite images, and archaeological research; printed in full color throughout the Bible.

  • 80,000 cross-references—to encourage easy location of important words, passages, and biblical themes.

  • 40 all-new illustrations—including full-color renderings and architectural diagrams of the Tabernacle, the Ark of the Covenant, Solomon’s temple, Herod’s temple, the city of Jerusalem in Jesus’ time and throughout the history of Israel, and many more.

Check out the ESV Study Bible online tour here.

See some sections from the study Bible for yourself: