The Battle Against Abortion Continues...

Thoughts on the On-Going Struggle Against Abortion

Yesterday, January 22nd, marked the 36th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade. In 1973 the Supreme Court declared that autonomous abortion rights are built into the Constitution, and that any legal barriers which prevent mothers from aborting their children are unconstitutional. This ruling was arrived at on the premise that the 9th and 14th Amendments, according to legal precedent established during the 1960's, guarantees a woman's "right to privacy", a right that extends even to abortion. This issue is more complicated than most people think and experts on constitutional law differ mightily on the validity of abortion "being a constitutional right." (In fact, many experts take the opposite approach, namely, that abortion is indeed unconstitutional. For example, see Understanding Ron Paul's Stance on Abortion.)

Three days ago, history was made! The first African-American
president in the history of the United States was sworn into office. Unfortunately, President Barak Obama seems more committed to the institution of abortion than any other president in our history. As I’ve mentioned in the past (Abortion and McBama), when it comes to the issue of abortion Barak Obama was the most liberal candidate for the presidency to date and is already showing signs of being the most pro-abortion president.

What does all this mean for the future of abortion? I'm not too sure what ultimate effect President Obama will or will not have on the abortion issue. The fact is, presidents can generally only impact abortion on the periphery. Very little changed in the eight years of a president who supported abortion, followed by eight years of a president who opposed abortion. Of course, we know the importance of getting the right justices on the Supreme Court bench, but history has shown us that the ideology of the Justices (and especially Chief Justice) doesn't always match the ideology of the appointing president.

God willing, Roe vs. Wade will one day be overturned; but even when it is, abortion would still be legal in most states. There’s simply no easy executive or judicial fix, which is why organizations like
Abort73 strive to educate people on the issue of abortion. So long as the majority of Americans embrace the notion of the right to abort (i.e. kill), the laws of this land will never change. The battle against abortion must be a grass root effort. It needs to take place in our homes, churches, and schools. Once the majority begin to see and understand this modern day atrocity, abortion will falter no matter who the president is.

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