New Series in Reform - Simply Christian

Simply Christian DVD Study Series (January 4th - March 8th)
by NT Wright

In the new year Reform (a Sunday morning class at GCF from 9:00 to 9:45) will begin a new DVD series entitled Simply Christian by NT Wright.

Here's a blurb about the book and DVD series from the publisher:
Have you ever wondered why humans in all places and times have yearned for beauty, truth, spirituality, and justice? Bishop Wright contends that it is because we hear the echoes of God's voice - the same God who created the world, is known through the children of Israel and Jesus Christ, and who is at work in the world through the Holy Spirit. Connecting to this God through worship, prayer, scripture, and the church leads to life that is full and abundant. Not since C. S. Lewis's classic summary of the faith, "Mere Christianity," has such a wise and thorough scholar taken the time to explain to anyone who wants to know what Christianity really is and how it is practiced.

The Simply Christian DVD Course Kit includes: one copy of the hardcover Simply Christian: Why Christianity Makes Sense, two DVDs containing ten video lessons that expand upon the themes of Wright's acclaimed book, a bonus DVD containing an in-depth discussion between Wright and Richard Hays of Duke University, one Participant’s Guide with quotes, discussion questions and activities based on the book and video, one Leader’s Guide with tips for facilitating the course and supplemental learning activities, and a publicity kit with materials for promoting the course in your church.

The ten video lessons:

1. Introduction to Simply Christian (20:45)
2. Justice & Spirituality (16:30)
3. Relationships & Beauty (15:22)
4. God (16:47)
5. Israel (17:24)
6. Jesus (19:49)
7. The Holy Spirit (16:27)
8. Worship & Prayer (18:43)
9. Scripture (18:33)
10. Church & New Creation (18:37)

For me, Simply Christian (the book) rocked my world! Wright’s Simply Christian is a fresh, concise, and simple depiction of the Christian faith. It's rooted in a deep awareness of the fact that we learn who God really is only in the story of what God has done in the death and resurrection of Jesus. This is a superb book for both Christians and non-Christians! I'm looking forward to our study together!

Please pick up a copy of Simply Christian so you can read through the content as we discuss it in class. (There's a lot more content in the book than in the DVD segments and you will have a lot more to offer the class discussion if you are reading through the book too!)