Which Kingdom Do You Align Yourself With?

The Myth of a Christian Nation
by Gregory Boyd

I've been enjoying this book by Gregory Boyd, the Senior Pastor of the Woodland Hills Church in St. Paul, Minnesota. Though I differed with him on past issues (like Open Theism in God of the Possible), Boyd has some insightful clarifications on how Christians should engage politics and what kingdom (namely, the Kingdom of God) Christians should align themselves in The Myth of a Christian Nation. He also highlights the benefits of the separation of church and state, explains why we never really were and still are not a "Christian nation," and lays out a very clear and true agenda for Christians - building the Kingdom of God.

I love this quote:
"Fusing together the kingdom of God with…the kingdom of the world is idolatrous...This fusion is having serious consequences for Christ’s church and for the advancement of God’s kingdom...."A significant segment of American evangelicalism is guilty of nationalistic and political idolatry… For some evangelicals, the kingdom of God is largely about, if not centered on, 'taking America back for God,' voting for the Christian candidate, outlawing abortion, outlawing gay marriage, winning the culture war, defending political freedom at home and abroad, keeping the phrase 'under God' in the Pledge of Allegiance, fighting for prayer in the public schools and at public events, and fighting to display the Ten Commandments in government buildings."

Here's 1 of 3 segments of an interview between Gregory Boyd & Charlie Rose

Here's segment #2 & #3. Great stuff!!!