Tired of more of the same?

Tired of "McBama" Yet?

So many people shared the same feelings after Tuesday's Presidential debate - tired of the same rhetoric and astonished that it has come down to these two gentlemen. Senator's McCain & Obama seem to be wonderful individuals and I have very little interest in the malevolent e-mails and blog postings that are trying to propagandistically destroy their own personal character! These guys are good dudes. My issue with them is not personal, I just have huge problems with their policies. They continue to fail to distinguish themselves from each other in terms of particular promises and goals. I wish more people would look past the "McBama" option and look to some of the other people running.

Look, I am a realistic. I do not think any of the independents stand a chance to win. Our two party system is unfortunately ingrained into our society. But, I think looking at the message(s) some of these other candidates are offering is well worth our time. Two guys that aren't getting the type of attention they should are former presidential candidate, Ron Paul (and the Campaign for Liberty) and current presidential candidate Bob Barr (Bob Barr '08 - the Libertarian Presidential Candidate). Check these guys out!