Piper on Job

October 18, 2008 By: Abraham Piper

This is some great stuff! Just wanted to share it with you...

You can now listen to the Q & A session of our conference on Job. The video is also posted now.

John Piper addressed the following questions:
What language should we use to talk about God's sovereignty over sin?
How much did the Holy Spirit have to do with Job's ability to suffer well?
As an ancient believer, how was Job's faith different than ours?
How could Satan come into God's presence? Does he still?
Did God initiate the meeting with Satan?
How should we view Satan's involvement in our lives?
What is involved in the worship that comes in the moments of deepest suffering?
Would it be wrong to express anger and frustration in these moments?
How do you lovingly speak the truth of God's sovereignty to sufferers?
What does it mean to be righteous?
What does it mean for the righteous to suffer when there is none righteous before God?
How do we make sure our kids are prepared for suffering when our family has undergone so little?
What do you say to a couple who lost their infant and now God seems so far away?
How do I help my disabled child understand God's sovereignty when she faces not just physical suffering, but emotional suffering because of continual ridicule?
What do you do for an unbelieving friend whose suffering is pushing her away from God?
What do you do when you can't see God's good purposes in suffering?