Steve Brown & Biochemistry

Biochemistry for the Glory of God?

Biochemist, Dr. Fazale "Fuz" Rana, joined Steve Brown Etc. this past week to talk about his new book, The Cell's Design: How Chemistry Reveals the Creator's Artistry and to discuss the how new discoveries in biochemistry point us to God. "Fuz" does a great job speaking laymen terms. This is really interesting stuff, check it out...

Many of the technological advances in medicine and agriculture today are driven by the field of biochemistry. As humans gain greater understanding in this area, many scientists who don't profess belief in God are finding themselves faced with the fact that biochemical systems are less likely a product of chance and appear to be designed.

Dr. "Fuz" Rana has a Ph.D. in biochemistry and he's the vice president of research and apologetics at Reasons To Believe. He is also the coauthor, with Dr. Hugh Ross, of Origins of Life and Who Was Adam? Check out his latest book:

Also, Steve Brown, Etc. does little comedy tidbits which are noramlly very funny. Check out their recent comedy bit on PETA's response to the recent cannibalistic attack on a Greyhound bus in Canada. PETA launched this newspaper ad.

Here's Steve Brown's comedy bit in response - Play in Popup.