Exceptional Wright Interviews

NT Wright on Justification & New Perspective on Paul - Mp3 Interview

Here's a great interview with N.T. Wright from Said at Southern - The Bloggers of Southern Seminary. Trevin Wax does a tremendous job asking very direct questions and N.T Wright passionately & clearly answers the honest questions. This is one of the best Wright interviews I've heard. They discussed N.T.'s new book, Surprised by Hope, including some of the criticisms leveled against the book from Mark Dever, Doug Wilson and others. A good number of my own questions concerning Wright's theology were answered...

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Below is the full transcript of their talk:

Video Interview of N.T. Wright from Asbury:
This interview seems, at times, like a SNL skit because of the interviewer/moderator! (The guy needs a little spunk to say the least!!!) Anyway, the video interview is from Asbury and they cover a wide variety of issues - including Piper's critique of Wright's theology.

A word about Bishop N.T. Wright:
N.T. Wright is a British New Testament scholar whom Christianity Today has described as one of the top five theologians in the world today. After serving three years as the canon theologian of Westminster Abbey, Wright became the Bishop of Durham in 2003 – the fourth highest ranking position of authority in the Church of England.

Tom Wright has spent his life studying the history surrounding the New Testament and early Christianity. He has written several widely-acclaimed books on the historical Jesus as well as many on the Apostle Paul and the New Testament epistles.

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