Joel Hunter is Stirring the Pudding!

Right Wing Wrong Bird
Dr. Joel C. Hunter's New Understanding of Political Engagement

Dr. Joel Hunter, Senior Pastor of Northland - A Church Distributed and once the president of the Christian Coalition, has written an interesting book on the Christian's political interaction & engagement entitled Right Wing Wrong Bird. Below you will find two articles by Joel Hunter printed in Relevant Magazine that give you a good idea of what he is trying to present in his book. He's got some great things to say. So please check it out. It's well worth the read!

Right Wing Wrong Bird Part One
Right Wing Wrong Bird Part Two

Dr. Joel Hunter on Steve Brown, Etc.:
For all you interested in how a new generation of Christian leaders are rethinking the Christian's involvement in the public arena of politics, here's an episode of Steve Brown, Etc. that you have to listen to. Steve interviews Dr. Joel Hunter to discuss the content & issues covered in his new book entitled A New Kind of Conservative.

If you're a politically conservative Christian, but feel misrepresented by the Religious Right, don't miss this week's Steve Brown Etc. Conservative spokesman, author and pastor Dr. Joel Hunter joined us to talk about his new book, A New Kind of Conservative.

Dr. Hunter holds traditional biblical stands on abortion and homosexuality, but is at the same time seeking to expand the political discussion to include other biblical concerns, such as poverty, justice issues, the environment and AIDS. Use one of the options below to listen.

In addition to Joel Hunter, Tony Campolo also makes an appearance on the program to talk about how his new book, Red Letter Christians, and A New Kind of Conservative compliment each other.

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Joel Hunter's books - Check 'em out!!!