Guiness & The Evangelical Manifesto

The Evangelical Manifesto
Steve Brown, Os Guiness, & Warren Smith

Check out the recent edition of Steve Brown Etc. as they discuss An Evangelical Manifesto with one of its primary authors, Os Guinness, and one of its more vocal critics, Warren Smith.

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Culture wars have created a lot of confusion and consternation around the term "Evangelical." So, a group of Christian leaders have come together to clear things up with An Evangelical Manifesto. Os Guinness and the other authors of the manifesto hope to, "make clear that we are followers of Jesus Christ and [are] therefore to be defined theologically and not politically or culturally." Sounds simple enough, doesn't it? Well, it's not.

Some say it's a ploy on the part of the religious left to undermine the religious right. Others say the list of leaders who drafted and signed the manifesto is conspicuously bereft of the most strident right-wing Christian leaders.

Also, be sure to check the actual document - An Evangelical Manifesto. I like it and I think it's an ecumenical & doctrinally sound step in right direction. Check out the study guide for the document here.