NT Wright on The Colbert Report

Wright Does Colbert!

N.T. Wright (aka Tom Wright), the Bishop of Durham, and a leading Anglican biblical scholar, was on one of my favorite shows tonight, The Colbert Report to discuss/promote his recent book, Surprised by Hope: Rethinking Heaven.

N.T. was all about business, arguing for his view of the Christian's future hope in the resurrection; Stephen Colbert was up to his usual antics & guest hassling. It was a bit funny; but more importantly, Bishop Wright did a great job debunking typical views of heaven - boring, harp playing, somewhere "up there," etc...

Be sure to check The Colbert Report web site. They'll have tonight's episode (6.19) posted soon. It's worth the watch.
Here's the link to watch the interview:

Wright was recently on Nightline as well. Watch the 6-minute segment on YouTube.