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Tim Keller
His church, pastorate & ministry:
The pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Manhattan. Keller is known for having a great heart for people of the city and is the #1 church planter in the US, having planted over 100 churches in major city centers. His love and effectiveness in persuading secular skeptics is amazing and his biblical insight challenge all of us to use the Scripture and reason to persuade and effectively engage the culture in the presuppositional tradition.

His books:

The Reason for God
(Excellent MP3 Sermon Series):
"Keller brilliantly uses presuppositional apologetics with a robust Calvinist understanding of grace to engage the postmodern culture. He answers the most common questions of skeptics on such topics as Christian exclusivity, the problem of evil and suffering, absolutes vs. relativism, historical injustice of Christianity, and hell. Having heard the doubts of 1000s of persons in NYC Keller has often found that doubts about Christianity are often passionate, well thought out and deserve respect. Keller wrote the book which covers the same ground as these MP3s to respectfully engage those doubts. He understands that so many doubts are based on alternate beliefs about spiritual reality and God about human nature. To have integrity you need to apply the same skepticism to your own beliefs. Christianity, he believes, actually ends up making more sense of the reality around us." ~ from Monergism.com

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