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Recommended Eschatology Resources
For our new series in Reform (Sunday's, 9:00AM @ GCF)

This Sunday, February 24th, we’ll be starting our new series in Reform on Eschatology entitled:

How’s It All Going to End?
Right Thinking & Right Living Concerning the Last Days

Eschatology is a fancy, theological word that generally means the study of last things. So, in this study series we'll be doing an overview on what the Bible says concerning such things as:
  • When Will Christ Return?
  • What is the Kingdom of God?
  • Will There be a Rapture?
  • How Does One Interpret the Book of Revelation?
  • Who’s the Anti-Christ? What the Mark of the Beast?
  • Will There be a Final Judgment?
  • What Will Heaven & Hell be Like?

Recommended Books on Eschatology:

Recommended Audio Lectures on Eschatology:
Amillennialism 101 - Kim Riddlebarger

The Triumph of The Gospel in the New Heavens and the New Earth - John Piper

Check out Monergism's Audio Page on Eschatology - It's Great!!!
Last But Not Least (Eschatology & Amillennialism) - Jeff Purswell

Recommended Web Sites & Articles:
The Riddleblog
The Returning King by Vern S. Poythress (this is one of the best commentaries on the book of Revelation...& it's free!!!)
Amillennialism by Anthony Hoekema
Monergism's Eschatology Section

Handout Sheets from the How's it Going to End Series in Reform:
Introduction to the Last Days - Eschatological Basics
Millennial Views