XTC on God

Atheism put to Melody

One of the most anti-Christian, atheistic songs I've ever heard came from XTC, a popular British pop band in the 1980’s. XTC became popular with such songs as “King for a Day”, “Making Plans for Nigel”, & “Mayor of Simpleton”; but, to me, “Dear God” is the song I always think when I think of XTC or hear their name. The song is basically a very blunt letter to God (much like Psalm 88 with the major exception of XTC not being Christian!), pointing out many of the injustices and evils in the world brought about by God & religion and therefore concluding, “if there’s one thing I can’t believe in, it’s you.”

As I watched this video the other day, I thought to myself, what this guy is lacking is a clear vision and experience of the grace of God. What he's rejecting isn't God & the Gospel...it's his own made up idea of Christianity that he has formed based upon his personal experiences and observations. It is absolute shame that so many non-Christians reject a God before ever really knowing who he is and what he's all about. And this song represents the opinions of the many people we see and speak with everyday. May God use us to open people's eyes to the true God and to his true Gospel.