A lil' help from Ben Stein? What?

A Case for Intelligence Design from Ben Stein?

Yup, that's right! The "Bueller...Bueller...Bueller..." guy, Ben Stein - actor, game show host, economist and White House speechwriter - has embarked upon a heroic and, at times, shocking journey in the new documentary Expelled - a very controversial movie supporting Intelligence Design. In this documentary film, Ben travels the world on his quest, and learns an awe-inspiring truth…that bewilders him, then angers him…and then spurs him to action! Ben realizes that he has been “Expelled,” and that educators and scientists are being ridiculed, denied tenure and even fired – for the “crime” of merely believing that there might be evidence of “design” in nature, and that perhaps life is not just the result of accidental, random chance.

The trailers look interesting. It'll be interesting to see how this film is received. You can check the trailers out and a bunch of other stuff concerning the film at the film's official web site - Expelled.

Here's a little YouTube blurb on the film: