Horton vs. Osteen

Dr. Michael Horton's Appearance on CBS's 60 Minutes

Last Wednesay night I spent some time talking about the damages & dangers of having an "over-realized-eschatology" and used some of the modern day faith & prosperity teachers, such as Joel Osteen, as examples.

CBS just did a special blurb on Osteen (and his message) on their recent 60 Minutes broadcast. And Michale Hortan & The White Horse Inn just did a broadcast highlighting some things wrong the message coming from many prominant Christian ministries - focussing mostly on Joel Osteen.
"Is popular televangelist Joel Osteen a faithful representative of the Christian faith? Surprisingly, this was the focus of CBS's 60 Minutes, Sunday (Oct. 14th). In addition to Osteen himself, this broadcast featured an interview with Dr. Michael Horton, who believes that Osteen’s popular message is more about self-help and personal motivation than a faithful representation of the Christian gospel..." Click here for more.