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"Is What We Know of Jesus Wrong?"
An Interview with Ben Witherington

This week on the White Horse Inn the dumbing down of Christian Education and the reinventing of Jesus is hit head on.

Here's a clip from the interveiw...

Mike Horton: What do you think accounts for the number of radical thinkers like Bishop Spong, Elaine Pagels, or even a fiction writer like Dan Brown, who seem to want to reinvent the classical Christian story in striking ways that don't have a lot of resemblance to the Gospels?

Ben Witherington: Here's the interesting thing: It does appear that most people in our culture still want to have some kind of understanding or connection with Jesus. I mean, Jesus is a household word everywhere in the country, and Jesus is a swear word in fifty states. Everybody knows who Jesus is, and most people would like an approachable Jesus, so one of the things that is going on with Spong and others is that they're trying to whittle off the hard edges of things that they can't accept about Jesus to whittle Jesus down to a size that's palatable and acceptable to them. And that's part of what's going on, beyond any doubt. They're trying to refashion Jesus in their own image or at least in an image that they find acceptable, and that's part of the psychological dynamic. What that tells you is, we're still a western culture. Jesus is still the cultural icon, and we still like to have an approachable Jesus. The problem we have, of course, is that the Bible doesn't have the authority it had in the past, and ancient history is not a subject that most modern persons are all that interested in. So, they feel free to reinvent Jesus in their own image, or in the image of the latest theory that comes down the pike. And part of that, too, has to do with our cultural dynamic. Just take a look at the way the news works: the newest is the truest, and the latest is the greatest.

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"Is What We Know of Jesus Wrong?"